Hi there, I'm a contemporary illustration based on the poetry of Omar Khayyam and inspired by Iranian miniature.


از آمدنم نبود گردون را سود

وز رفتن من جلال و جاهش نفزود

وز هیچ  کسی نیز دو گوشم نشنود

کاین آمدن و رفتنم از بهر چه بود


This world has gained nothing by my presence,

and its glory will not dwindle with my departure.

I have never heard, and have never been told, 

the reason of my coming or going


Neither Yesterdays Nor Tomorrows/فقط همین حالا

    • I'm signed by my creator, Zam Zadeh.
    • I'm in both sizes of A4 (29.7x21cm) and A3 (42x29.7cm).
    • I'm a digital print on a super quality 250g paper.
    • I'm a limited edition and I will be numbered.
    • I will have a certificate.
    • I'm without frame.
    • I will be delivered with love and attention. <3
    • If you are in Brussels, I will be delivered to you for free.
    • If you want to see me beforehand, you can always come to visit my creator, Zam Zadeh in her studio. Just drop her a line and she will get back to you as soon as possible.