Hi there, I'm a contemporary illustration based on the poetry of Omar Khayyam and inspired by Iranian miniature.


هر سبزه که برکنار جویی رسته است

گویی ز لب فرشته‌خویی رسته است

پا بر سر سبزه تا به خواری ننهی

کان سبزه ز خاک لاله رویی رسته است


How fair are the fringes of the stream!

Surely they sprang once from the lip of some beauty.

Trample them not with scorn,

for they spring from the dust of a tulip-tinted face

Her lips/لب هایش

    • I'm signed by my creator, Zam Zadeh
    • I'm in both sizes of A4 (29.7x21cm) and A3 (42x29.7cm).
    • I'm a digital print on a super quality 250g paper.
    • I'm a limited edition and I will be numbered.
    • I will have a certificate.
    • I'm without a frame.
    • I will be delivered with love and attention. <3
    • If you are in Brussels, I will be delivered to you for free.
    • If you want to see me beforehand, you can always come to visit my creator, Zam Zadeh in her studio. Just drop her a line and she will get back to you as soon as possible.