I love animals and I wish if recantation is true, I will be a panda or an elephant in next life.

I draw my dreams because by drawing them, they become true.  

In my life I draw chubby women a lot and I think I will keep doing it.

Goran Bregovic is my favorite musician.

Saffron ice-cream is the best ice-cream I have ever had. (You can only find it in Iran)

Belgian waffles were my breakfast for the whole year of 2012. (The one I tried in Leuven was the best)

Vegetable market in gare du midi in Brussels sells Moroccan breakfast and if you are my friend or if you want to be my friend, we should once go there together.

When I get into mood of something, it’s hard to take me out of it.

In my life, small things do matter. I always buy vegetables which are good but look ugly. In this way I avoid Vegetable discrimination. 

When people check my work and send me messages about it, I'm the happiest in the world. 




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